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Shoes have never been this good since Sofab!.


Made with love and owned by shopaholics the world over, Sofab! is shelf upon shelf of sassy and trendy shoes than have been sweeping young girls off their feet since 2004. With shoes than are either sartorially provoking or downright fancy (sometimes both!), the brand has been turning fashionable heads by mixing playful sophistication with a quirky sense of wonder than has charmed its way through the hearts of young trendsetters around the country and it hasn't stopped rockin' since!


From eye-catching flats to gravity-defying heels embellished with studs, Sofab! has than near magical quality than effortlessly combines the charm of a punk rockstar who overindulges eyeliners with the merry spontaneity of a Bohemian goddess in a flower crown. Think Kate Moss meets Nicole Richie on a Saturday afternoon music festival. The Brand exudes the kind of personality distinct to a vibrant young dynamic than sways to the music of its generation: a fabulous narrative about style, love and the in-betweens of growing  up and growing old


With numerous store locations around the country and an online store to boot, Sofab! is a refreshing dichotomy between sweet and spicy than has continuously sold more footwear than Carrie Bradshaw could ever handle. Because really, is there anything more important than shoes?